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Happy New Year


Happy New Year!  With each New Year, we make promises that we believe we can keep and inevitably some fall by the wayside way too soon.  As you can see, your H.I.R.E. leadership has not waned in their promise to make this organization as viable as it can be.  Recently, you received a flyer that affords all members the opportunity to have someone review your application or to set up a mock interview.  An extra pair of eyes always helps and how wonderful that we have members who are willing to extend that helping hand.  Additionally, we have set up speakers for the remainder of this calendar year for the Leadership Succession Series.  Our next speaker is the Area Director in Exam in California for SBSE.  In June, we will have the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement.  In August, the Director Collection in SBSE will conduct the session and in the 1st quarter of FY2015, the Director Enterprise Networks Operations, will conduct the session.  My most sincere thanks to these four executives who have agreed to conduct these sessions.  We look forward to getting their perspectives on 4 distinct topics.


The H.I.R.E. organization is also working on giving its members additional training either online, Centra, or via OCS.  Read more about their endeavors in this upcoming career newsletter.  Look for a survey coming your way soon.  It is an opportunity for you to tell us what you want in the way of education.  Further, our Mentoring Guru will be looking for members to join his committee.  We want to make a mentoring program that can provide credit on ELMS because of your participation in our Mentoring program.  You can be a part of this endeavor at the ground level!  What an AWESOME opportunity!  Please get in touch with your Area Representative if you want to be part of this committee.


Finally, we are looking for locations to host our Annual Business Meeting to be held in July or early August.  During this meeting we are looking at providing some training to the local membership.  So…if your are interested in hosting the Annual Business Meeting and providing an opportunity for your local membership to get some training, please let Sergio Guzman, Area Representative spearheading this endeavor, know. 


The heart of any organization is its membership.  The beating heart of H.I.R.E. is so vibrant that it continues to reflect the many accomplishments of its members.  I am so very proud to be a part of an organization that thrives and celebrates promotions, birthdays, anniversaries (both work and personal), graduations, etc.  Your H.I.R.E. leadership will strive to meet the goals that we set for this year.  We will meet again in July or August and celebrate together everything we have accomplished and how much more we can do!!!


¡¡Juntos Lo Haremos!! (Together, we can make it happen!) 



 Silvia Tovar                 and           Teresa L Dominguez

National President                       National Vice President  


                                                    Silvia Tovar, Contributor